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Living in Texas vs. Florida

Texas and Florida are both wonderful states with some great cities and small towns. Still, it is not easy to determine whether to live in Florida or Texas. That is because both of these states have a distinct character, growing opportunities, tons of fun things to do, and amazing people. If you are looking to move to either of these states, you must compare the pros and cons of both of them.

The Lone Star State is known to be rough, vast, and filled with opportunities. On the other hand, Florida has a reputation of being a fun-loving state with crazy nightlife, ultra-rich neighborhoods, sunny beaches, and lush green golf courses. But there is more to these states than the aforementioned stereotypes.

Let us compare living in Florida versus Texas to see which state is best suited for you specifically.

Living in Texas vs Florida

Tax Burden

When it comes to taxes, both Florida and Texas are great states to live in. This is one of the most important factors that attract people from all over the country to both of these states. There are no income taxes in either of them. However, the sales tax rate in Texas is higher than that in Florida.

According to a report, residents in Florida pay the fourth lowest overall tax in the United States. Texas ranked at 13th place in the same report. This shows that none of these two states are tax heavy for their residents but Florida still has an edge over Texas.

Living Cost

Again, both Texas and Florida are reasonably affordable states. Florida does rank a bit lower on the curve though. It has a cost-of-living index of 102.8 (higher than the national average of 100). According to the Council for Community and Economic Research, Florida is ranked at number 29 when it comes to the overall cost of living. Texas offers a great living cost, ranking at 14th place with a cost-of-living index of 93.9.

It should be kept in mind that these are averages derived from the data collected from all the cities and towns. You can find great affordable small towns and mid-sized cities in both of these states. Because of its huge touristic value, big cities in Florida are quite expensive. But if you go to a relatively less popular city or small town, you can live on a budget easily.

Weather Conditions

Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Texas is also famous for its hot weather. The main difference between the two is the humidity. You are more likely to receive sunshine in Florida but it comes with a lot of humidity too. To be honest, most of us only like hot weather when it is relatively dry. High humidity levels man you will be sweating all the time, nobody wants that. People move to Florida for its climate. But surprisingly, it is also one of the prime reasons to move out of the state as well.

Texas is a huge state. It is the second-largest state in America with respect to area. This obviously means that there is a variety of climates in the state. You can get subtropical weather in the east and semi-arid to arid climate in the western part of Texas. The sunshine is almost the same in both of the states, whereas there is more rainfall in Florida.

Schooling and Education

Education is also an important criterion for families with growing children. When it comes to schools, Florida does better than Texas. According to a study by WalletHub, Florida was ranked 18th place out of all the 50 states of the country. On the other hand, Texas ranked 28th on the same list. The above-mentioned list gave the overall ranking of schools in different states in the year 2021, considering parameters such as quality of education and security.

Both Texas and Florida have great colleges and universities as well. In Florida, we have state colleges like Florida State University and the University of Florida. Texas has the University of San Antonio and the University of Austin which is well reputed across the country.

Crime Rate

Crime is a huge issue not only for families and retirees but also for students and younger people. No matter how good a place is, nothing else matters if you have to keep looking over your shoulder. Both Florida and Texas have crime rates above the national average. Florida comes in 21st place when it comes to violent and property crimes. Whereas Texas was ranked 17th worst state according to the crime situation.

Some of the cities in both states are much worse in this parameter compared to others. Floridian cities like Lake City are some of the most dangerous cities in the country. In fact, Florida had the third highest murder rate in 2018 among all the states of the country. On the other hand, Texas has the fifth highest number of incarcerated people per capita.

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Both of the states have below-average health facilities. However, Florida does rank slightly higher than Texas. According to a report by WalletHub, Florida was ranked 38th among all the states of the United States. While Texas ranked at 39th place just below the Sunshine State. Florida was ranked 41st and Texas at 45th when it came to the cost of healthcare.

According to The US Health and Human Services Agency for healthcare research and quality, Florida comes at 36th place, while Texas was ranked 43rd. These numbers show that both of the states have poor healthcare quality and access. But Florida surpasses the Lone Star State by a small margin.

Things to do

Texas is spread over a huge area, making sure that you have enough destinations to visit and activities to do. It is the second largest and second most populated state in the United States. Texas even existed as a separate country for 10 years. Its huge area, central location, incredible diversity, and distinct character make it a wonderful place to live. You can go to a fancy club in Houston or Dallas, or experience the beauty of Mexican culture in El Paso.

Florida is known for being a fun state. It was declared the second most fun state to live in, after California. It has many pros when it comes to entertainment and things to do. You have word famous parks like Disney World, MGM, and Sea World. There are countless beautiful beaches with thrilling watersports. You have the crazy nightlife of Miami as well as the peaceful and tranquil golfing experience In Palm Beach.

Happiness Index

Mental health Can never be taken lightly. Countless factors are involved in making a person happy or sad, some external while others are internal. Happiness also depends on how you perceive and understand the external factors. Choosing to spend time with your loved ones and doing the things you love can help a lot.

The happiness index is a yardstick to compare different places based on parameters that can contribute to the happiness of a person. According to a report, Texas is the 25th happiest state in America. Florida ranked slightly lower at 27th place. This study took into account 32 key metrics related to happiness, including depression rate, unemployment rate, income growth, and even COVID-19 testing rate.

Development and Opportunities

Both Texas and Florida have huge development potential and people are starting to notice that already. They have performed quite well in the aftermath of the pandemic that affected the economy in the whole world.

Many people from states like California and New York are shifting their businesses to Texas and Florida. The lack of state income tax in Florida and property tax in Texas also plays a huge role in attracting entrepreneurs and investors from other parts of the country. That is why real estate is booming in both of these states.

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Although Florida is also experiencing a boom in its economy, a large chunk of it comes from tourism. As we have seen in 2020, tourism can be a volatile industry. However, Florida is more than just a destination for spring breakers now.


Housing is one of the most important factors that you should consider if you are confused between Florida and Texas. This is going to be a major part of your spending when you move to either of these states. When it comes to housing, Texas beats Florida by a reasonable margin.

Let’s compare Dallas and Orlando, who famous cities of Texas and Florida respectively. The median home price in Dallas is $214,700, well the average home price in Orlando is $245,400. To put it in a perspective, the median home cost in the United States is $231,200. You can clearly see that home prices in Texas are below the national average while in Florida they are above the national average.

We can see a similar pattern in average rents for homes and apartments. Rents are also higher in Florida than in Texas. However, they are both higher than the national average.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are a part of life everywhere in the world. In Texas, the most common natural disasters are hurricanes and tornadoes. You can also witness wildfires, landslides, intense storms, extreme heat, drought, and even earthquakes.

In Florida, the most common forms of natural disasters are tropical storms, hurricanes, and sinkholes. Floods, tornadoes, and wildfires can also happen in the Sunshine State.

Florida is known as the sinkhole capital of the United States. There’s always a danger lingering over your family and your home. Therefore, it is of at most important that do your research about the area you are going to call your new home. Check out these sinkhole maps to see which areas are susceptible to sinkholes.

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