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We get it: finding an ideal home for a reasonable price can pose some challenges. If you plan to retire or relocate, you need to find the best location and may consider the sunshine state of Florida for your new dream home, starter home, or furnished home. 

As you look into the options available, Spring Hill is a location worth researching. Ten miles from Hernando Beach in Hernando County, and only one hour from Tampa, this quiet area makes a good choice. But why are the houses so cheap in Spring Hill, Florida?

Typically, people worry when they find more cheap houses and wonder if the house has issues. When speaking specifically about Spring Hill, Florida, we will explain what happened to the housing market, the recovery process, how Spring Hill maintains lower house prices despite enticing property descriptions, and why you should take advantage of purchasing there. 

What Are the Issues Associated With Cheap Homes?

As we look into why you can find beautiful Spring Hill listings for lower prices, it is essential to discuss the issues associated with cheap houses. Doing so will help you understand some of the factors related to more affordable homes and make an informed decision about homes in Spring Hill, Florida.

The Financial Crisis of 2008

During 2008, the United States faced the Great Recession because multiple housing markets crashed. Banks offered loans at lower interest rates to candidates who otherwise would not have qualified for a loan. With these people purchasing houses, there was an increased demand for housing, and prices of homes climbed.

When interest rates began to go up, borrowers could no longer afford their loan payments. Foreclosures increased, and the mortgage market collapsed. This economic crisis made national news and had widespread effects; many young professionals lost jobs, and major companies declared bankruptcy. Even though the crisis occurred over a decade ago, some areas, including Spring Hill, still suffer from its effects. 

The Recovery Process for Spring Hill, Florida, and Hernando County

At first glance, the housing prices in Spring Hill, Florida, seem too good to be true. When buyers find cheap houses, they are often concerned about the lower housing prices, fearing the location hasn’t recovered from the housing crash of 2008. Before 2008, the housing market in Spring Hill was thriving and booming. There were new construction open houses and townhome features displaying Florida’s finest living.

As the market began to recover after 2008, Florida gained nearly three million new residents since 2010. Florida, Hernando County, and Spring Hill continue to see job market growth since the state is business-friendly. The sunshine and warm weather make Florida and, more specifically, Spring Hill a popular retirement area known for its quiet, rural neighborhoods and safe communities for those who love golf. Some of Florida’s finest living can be enjoyed in Spring Hill.

Location plays a significant role in the Spring Hill housing market recovery and the cheap home prices. Located approximately one hour (driving distance) from Tampa, Spring Hill features single-family homes. 

Due to its quiet country setting, Spring Hill saw a slower market recovery than the rest of the state. The Suncoast Parkway, the major expressway connecting Spring Hill to Tampa and the rest of Florida, has been revamped, and therefore the area has opened up to area amenities.

Fear of the Real Estate Trends

Naturally, people want to review a place before they move there to ensure they avoid a major mistake. Purchasing a house in a lousy location can involve multiple consequences.

  • You may buy the home for more than you can sell it in the future.
  • You won’t find the right buyer when you decide to sell to a new owner.
  • The houses might not have appealing designs in the area.

People don’t want to invest in a home or real estate if there is little potential for profit and return. This point applies less to people who plan to retire in the area since they don’t need to worry about selling their homes.

Potential Sinkhole Problems in Spring Hill

Some think the houses in Spring Hill sit at lower prices because of the sinkhole problems. However, it is essential to note that much of Florida suffers from sinkholes and sinkhole activities. Sinkholes are a cause for concern for homeowners facing potential destruction.

There are a few different types of sinkholes, and each form under different circumstances. When considering a move or real estate purchase, it is important to research sinkhole conditions prior. Spring Hill and Hernando County sinkholes can be specifically located prior to purchase. 

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Solutions for Cheap Homes in Spring Hill, Florida

Understanding Housing Market Trends and What it Means for You

The average home price in Spring Hill, Florida, between 2017 and 2020 was approximately $150,000 and $200,000. Since 2020, the housing market has continued to increase, and the average home value has boosted. As of 2022, homes surpassed $300,000 in average value. The housing market in the Spring Hill area is on the rise. 

If you are looking to move to a new home in spacious Spring Hill, Florida, or purchase real estate for rental options, you should do so sooner rather than later. If you decide to move to Spring Hill and select neighborhoods in Hernando Beach and nearby areas, you can watch your home increase in value.

Addressing the Sinkholes

Sinkholes form under specific conditions, and it is important to conduct research before purchasing a home. There are maps and various resources available to aid your decision, making an educated home or real estate purchase.

It is also important to understand that homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover sinkhole damage. Sinkhole insurance is additional and will cover structural damage as well as item replacement. Insurance coverage is an important consideration when looking to purchase a cheap home in Spring Hill, Florida.


Beautiful Spring Hill, Florida, located in Hernando County, offers many beautiful homes in a quiet location outside of Tampa. The area stands out because of its cheap home prices, thus making it an excellent location for people who want to relocate or retire. 

As the area continues to recover from the 2008 housing crisis, home values are on the rise. With many retirees heading to Hernando County and Spring Hill, as well as businesses relocating to the sunshine state, now is the time to consider this quiet, more rural area of Florida. Sinkhole concerns can be addressed with map research and sinkhole insurance prior to purchase. 

Are you looking for a beautiful new home with a swimming pool and circular driveway? On the lookout for an awesome home with high ceilings, a new carpet, and a fenced backyard? Something a little bit country with a large bonus room, open living room, Florida room, and nice screened porch? Or better yet, a lovely townhome tucked away to raise children, or maybe your own mobile home, there is something for you waiting to be discovered in Spring Hill, Florida.

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