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Sinkholes in Hardeman County, TN | Tennessee Sinkholes

Hardeman County, TN Sinkhole Map

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Hardeman County, TN FAQs

  • founded in 1823
  • named after Thomas Jones Hardeman, a veteran of the War of 1812 and a prominent figure in early Tennessee history.
  • was originally part of the Chickasaw Indian lands and was later settled by European-American pioneers in the early 19th century.
  • During the Civil War, Hardeman County was a strategic location with battles and skirmishes taking place in the area.
  • In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hardeman County was known for its thriving cotton industry and agricultural economy.

Notable Landmarks in Hardeman County, TN

  1. Bolivar Courthouse Square
    • a notable landmark with preserved historic buildings, including the Hardeman County Courthouse, which dates back to 1884
    • a hub of local events and activities, with shops, restaurants, and other businesses.
  2. Hatchie River Bridge
    • a metal truss bridge built in 1927 that spans the Hatchie River
    • listed on the National Register of Historic Places
    • a notable landmark in the county.
  3. Whiteville Correctional Facility
    • a private prison operated by CoreCivic
    • one of the largest employers in the county and is a notable landmark in the area.
  4. Historic Homes and Buildings
    • Pillars
      • a Greek Revival-style mansion built in the mid-19th century
    • Rhea-Crammond House
      • a historic home that dates back to the 1840s
    • Hardeman County Museum
      • housed in the former Hardeman County High School building, which showcases the county’s history and artifacts.
  5. Davis Bridge Battlefield
    • a historic site that commemorates the Battle of Davis Bridge
    • significant Civil War battle that took place in Hardeman County in 1862
    • is now a preserved historic battlefield and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  6. Outdoor Recreational Areas
    • Natchez Trace State Park
    • Chickasaw State Park
    • Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge
      • spans over 11,500 acres and is known for its diverse wildlife, including migratory birds, deer, and other animals
  • Hiking: Grundy County is home to the beautiful South Cumberland State Park, which offers over 90 miles of hiking trails. Popular trails include the Fiery Gizzard Trail, the Savage Gulf Trail, and the Stone Door Trail, which provide opportunities to explore scenic waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, and deep gorges.
  • Camping: South Cumberland State Park also offers camping facilities, with options for both RV camping and tent camping. The park has multiple campgrounds, including the Foster Falls Campground, which is located near the popular Foster Falls climbing area.
  • Rock Climbing: Grundy County is known for its rock climbing opportunities, with several climbing areas in South Cumberland State Park, including Foster Falls, Denny Cove, and Castle Rock.
  • Fishing: The area has various lakes, rivers, and streams that provide opportunities for fishing. The Collins River, which flows through Grundy County, is a popular spot for fishing trout, bass, and other fish species.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: The Collins River and other nearby water bodies offer opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Adventurers can paddle through serene waterways and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Grundy County is home to diverse wildlife, including deer, turkey, and other species. Visitors can go wildlife viewing in the forests and natural areas, such as the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, and may have the chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitats.
  • Picnicking: South Cumberland State Park has designated picnic areas with tables and grills, providing opportunities for leisurely picnics surrounded by nature.
  • Photography: Grundy County’s scenic landscapes, including its waterfalls, cliffs, and gorges, provide excellent opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture stunning natural vistas.

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