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Jefferson County, TN FAQs

Jefferson County, TN

Jefferson County, TN, is a beautiful area located in eastern Tennessee, bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains to the south and the Cherokee National Forest to the East. With a population of around 55,000 people, it’s a small and friendly community that has a lot to offer residents.

What is it like to live in Jefferson County?

Jefferson County provides a small-town feel in the heart of the Smokey Mountains with no shortage of great views and opportunities for outdoor recreation situated in a mild climate in the Southeastern United States.

The locals provide plenty of opportunities to socialize, including barn dances, live bluegrass music, and quilt festivals. You will find plenty of friendly faces and an almost constant churn of community events to attend in Jefferson County.

There is no metropolitan area in Jefferson County. However, the city of Knoxville is about 50 miles to the East, providing access to modern amenities of city living for some of the residents. The county seat is Dandridge–a community of

If you enjoy the outdoors, take time to visit the Douglas Lake Wildlife Management Area, which provides fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities. Jefferson County also has a good amount of tourism, bringing an interesting variety of jobs for local residents.

Jefferson County is also a great place to raise a family. Between the comfort of small-town life and the Southern values that Tennessee is well-known for, it’s a safe place for kids to grow up with room to explore in nature. Jefferson County also has an excellent school system, offering both public and private education options to meet a variety of needs.

Jefferson County offers a variety of job opportunities with a relatively low median household income of just $41k annually. However, the cost of living is also considered affordable. Here you will find several major employers, including:

  • Jefferson Memorial Hospital
  • Bush Brothers and Company
  • Carson-Newman University
  • Agriculture Opportunities (Tobacco, Corn, Soybeans)

Jefferson County also offers a comparatively low tax rate, appealing to frugal families looking to live well on less.

Overall, Jefferson County has a moderate crime rate. It’s lower than the national average. However, increased tourism and poverty contribute to the slightly elevated crime rate. In addition to personal or property crimes, Jefferson County also contains challenging terrain, which can pose some risks to personal safety.

For example, the area is built on karst topography–or soluble rock. Over time, the limestone or gypsum rock that the area is built on can erode. Residents should be aware of falling rocks, landslides, and sinkholes in addition to the risk of falls from an elevation.

However, the area is home to a well-established healthcare system that can accommodate both local and tourist-driven medical needs to balance the safety of living in Jefferson County.

Like many other areas in Tennessee, Jefferson County caters to outdoor enthusiasts. Here, you can access the Great Smoky Mountains (part of the Appalachian mountains), which are best viewed from a hiking tour or driving tour. Many locals also enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and birdwatching–along with boating, rafting, and ziplining in the mountains.

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