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McMinn County, TN

  • established in 1819 and named in honor of Joseph McMinn, the fifth Governor of Tennessee
  • was originally part of Cherokee territory, and the Cherokee Nation ceded the land to the United States in 1819
  • In the 19th century, McMinn County was primarily a farming community, with crops such as corn, wheat, and tobacco being grown
  • During the Civil War, the county was the site of several skirmishes and battles, including the Battle of Athens in 1946.

Notable landmarks in McMinn County, TN

  • The McMinn County Courthouse
      • located in downtown Athens
      • the site of the Battle of Athens. In 1946, a group of World War II veterans staged a rebellion against local government corruption and successfully took control of the courthouse.

  • The Mayfield Dairy Farms
      • has been in operation since 1910
      • one of the largest dairy operations in the southeastern United States. Visitors can take tours of the farm and see the cows being milked.

  • The Englewood Textile Museum
      • housed in a historic textile mill and features exhibits on the history of the textile industry in the area.

  • The Etowah Depot Museum
      • located in a historic train depot and features exhibits on the history of the railroad in the area.

  • The Starr Mountain Battlefield
      • the location of a Civil War battle that took place in 1863
      • is now a park and includes hiking trails and picnic areas

  • The Cherokee National Forest
    • covers over 650,000 acres and includes hiking trails, campgrounds, and scenic drives
    • A home to diverse wildlife and plant species, as well as several historic sites.

McMinn County, TN offers a variety of recreational activities for residents and visitors. Some of the most popular activities include:

  1. Hiking and camping – McMinn County is home to several parks and trails, including the Cherokee National Forest and Starr Mountain Battlefield Park, which offer hiking and camping opportunities.
  2. Fishing and boating – The county has several lakes and rivers, including the Hiwassee River, which is known for its excellent fishing and boating opportunities.
  3. Golf – McMinn County has several golf courses, including the Ridgewood Golf Club and the Willow Springs Golf Course.
  4. Biking – The Athens Regional Park has a biking trail that is popular among local residents.
  5. Swimming and water sports – The Hiwassee River and other nearby lakes offer swimming, kayaking, and other water sports.
  6. Festivals and events – McMinn County is home to several annual festivals and events, including the McMinn County Fair, the Athens Scarecrow Festival, and the Tennessee Wesleyan University Homecoming.
  7. Historic tours – The county has several historic sites, including the McMinn County Courthouse and the Englewood Textile Museum, which offer guided tours and educational programs.

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