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McNairy County, TN FAQs

  • established in 1823 and named in honor of John McNairy, a United States District Judge
  • was originally part of the Chickasaw Nation, and the Chickasaw ceded the land to the United States in 1818
  • In the 19th century, McNairy County was primarily a farming community, with cotton being the primary crop
  • during the Civil War, the county was the site of several skirmishes and battles, including the Battle of Bethel in 1862.

McNairy County is home to several notable landmarks, including

  • The Buford Pusser Home and Museum
      • dedicated to the life and legacy of Buford Pusser, the former sheriff of McNairy County who was famous for his fight against organized crime in the area.

  • The Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center
      • located just across the state line in Corinth, Mississippi
      • features exhibits on the Civil War battles that took place in the area

  • The Shiloh National Military Park
      • located just north of McNairy County and includes the site of the Battle of Shiloh, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

  • The McNairy County Courthouse
      • located in downtown Selmer, was built in 1909
      • features classic architecture.

  • The McNairy County Museum
      • located in Selmer and features exhibits on the history of McNairy County, including artifacts from the Civil War era.

  • Pickwick Landing State Park
      • located on the banks of the Tennessee River and includes a marina, a golf course, hiking trails, and camping areas

  • Pickwick Lake
    • popular destination for boating, fishing, and other water sports, with several marinas and boat ramps located around its shores.
  1. Fishing and boating – McNairy County is home to Pickwick Lake, which is known for its excellent fishing and boating opportunities.
  2. Hunting – The county has several wildlife management areas that offer hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, and other game.
  3. Hiking and camping – McNairy County is home to several parks and trails, including Pickwick Landing State Park and the Selmer City Park, which offer hiking and camping opportunities.
  4. Golf – The county has several golf courses, including the Pickwick Landing State Park Golf Course and the Ramer Golf Course.
  5. Festivals and events – McNairy County is home to several annual festivals and events, including the McNairy County Fair and the Christmas in the Park celebration.
  6. Historic tours – The county has several historic sites, including the Buford Pusser Home and Museum, the McNairy County Courthouse, and the Shiloh National Military Park, which offer guided tours and educational programs.
  7. Shopping and dining – The county has several shopping and dining options, including locally owned restaurants and boutique shops.

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