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Robertson County, KY FAQs

Personal safety can be attributed to many variables, including the risk of becoming a victim of a violent crime, a natural disaster, or a terrible accident. Overall, crime rates are moderately low–averaging a chance of 1 in 39 that you might be assaulted or robbed in Robertson County. A combination of poverty and urban access contributes to an elevated risk of crime in this area.

As for natural disasters, Tennessee has a mild climate but is prone to strong thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flash flooding due to its geography. Additionally, there are several geological risks resulting from the karst topography in the area. Residents are generally safe but should be cautious of potential falling rocks, landslides, or sinkholes in the area. These threats are caused by a soft rock that erodes easily, changing the stability and structure of the ground layers in the region.

Overall, Robertson County is a safe place to live–offering modern amenities with a small-town feel in North Central Tennessee. Current and prospective residents will both enjoy all that the area has to offer!

Robertson County, Tennessee

Robertson County is located in Northern Tennessee, bordered by Kentucky. The county seat is the city of Springfield. However, the area is only about 25 miles north of Nashville–making the Home of Country Music the most accessible metropolitan area in the county.

Robertson County covers 477 square miles and is home to a little more than 71k residents, mostly settled on rural farmsteads and in small communities like Greenbrier, Cross Plains, Coopertown, and White House.What is it like to live in Robertson County?

Robertson County offers rural living with big-city access. Residents enjoy the small-town feel with a manageable commute to Nashville–a metropolitan area of 715k residents. Many of the residents in Robertson County either work in the city or on a farm, with a smaller portion of residents taking up manufacturing and production jobs at employers like Electrolux and Tyson Foods.

The area is well known for its southern hospitality, local musicians, productive agriculture, and deep-rooted Christian faith. The majority of residents in Robertson County identify as Christian and attend community events hosted by faith-based organizations.

Robertson County is notably home to the Kilgore Bluegrass Festival–a nod to its music-loving neighbors to the south. The area also offers scenic beauty and outdoor adventure typical of most areas in the state of Tennessee.

Robertson County is an affordable place to live–on par with most rural areas in Kentucky. The biggest perk is easy access to Music City (Nashville), only a few miles away. The median home value in Robertson County is $337k, which is significantly lower than the national average. The same is true for rent–with a one-bedroom averaging $800 per month. Additionally, the average monthly utility bill in Robertson County is $150, and the cost of transportation, including gasoline, is lower than in many other parts of the country.

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