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Sinkholes in Van Buren County, TN | Tennessee Sinkholes

Van Buren County, TN Sinkhole Map

Sinkhole Count: 651

Van Buren County, TN FAQs

  • located in the state of Tennessee, United States
  • established in 1840
  • named after the eighth President of the United States, Martin Van Buren
  • Prior to its establishment, the land that would eventually become Van Buren County was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Cherokee and Creek tribes
  • The county played a significant role during the Civil War, with several skirmishes taking place in the area.

Notable Landmarks:

  • Fall Creek Falls State Park
    • A 26,000-acre state park is one of the most popular attractions in Van Buren County.
    • features several waterfalls, including Fall Creek Falls, which is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States
    • The park also offers hiking, camping, fishing, and boating opportunities

  • Cumberland Caverns
    • a series of caves located in Van Buren County
    • The caves are one of the largest cave systems in Tennessee, and offer guided tours, camping, and other recreational activities

  • Rock Island State Park
    • located in both Van Buren and Warren counties, and offers hiking, fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities
    • features several waterfalls, including Twin Falls, and also has several historic buildings and structures
  • Edgar Evins State Park
    • located on the shores of Center Hill Lake, and offers camping, fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities
    • features several scenic overlooks and hiking trails

  • Lost Creek State Natural Area
    • a 2,000-acre natural area located in Van Buren County
    • features several waterfalls, including Lost Creek Falls, and offers hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities
  • Hiking: Van Buren County is home to several state parks and natural areas that offer hiking trails for all skill levels. Fall Creek Falls State Park, Rock Island State Park, and Lost Creek State Natural Area are popular hiking destinations.
  • Fishing: With several rivers and lakes in the area, Van Buren County is a great place for fishing. Center Hill Lake, which is located in nearby DeKalb County, is a popular spot for fishing and boating.
  • Camping: Many of the state parks and natural areas in Van Buren County offer camping opportunities. Fall Creek Falls State Park and Rock Island State Park both have campgrounds with tent and RV sites.
  • Caving: Cumberland Caverns is located in Van Buren County and offers guided tours of the cave system. Visitors can also go spelunking, rock climbing, and rappelling in the caves.
  • Boating: Center Hill Lake is a popular destination for boating and water sports. The lake has several marinas where visitors can rent boats or bring their own.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Van Buren County is home to a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and black bear. Visitors can go birdwatching, wildlife viewing, or take a guided nature walk.
  • Scenic Drives: Van Buren County is home to several scenic drives, including the Tennessee Overhill Heritage Trail and the Cumberland Plateau Scenic Drive. These drives offer stunning views of the countryside and are a great way to explore the area.

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