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Barton County, MO FAQs

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has documented around 16,000 sinkholes in the region, including Barton County.

Since 2017, all the reported sinkhole data from regions like Washington County, Texas County and Camden County has been documented on SinkholeMaps. We help homebuyers in sinkhole-prone areas by providing them with relevant information about existing and potential sinkholes so that they can make informed decisions.

Sinkholes are common in areas with subsurface rock composed of materials easily dissolved by groundwater, such as limestone, salt beds, carbonate rock, and similar materials.

More than fifty percent of Missouri’s surface comprises permeable carbonate bedrock and limestone. It is for this reason that sinkholes are so common in Barton County.

A dramatic aspect of sinkholes is that the surface area often continues to appear and function normally for some time before the void becomes too expansive to contain. The subsequent collapse of the land surface may occur if the land above the gaps is not adequately supported. A house or road on top can cause a small or large collapse.

Sinkholes are a common natural disaster that can appear suddenly or develop gradually. They can form in any shape or size. Thus, it is important to recognise the early indicators to avoid massive accidents.

Understanding these typical indicators of sinkhole activity will help you spot them and avert danger.

  • Holes in the walls around the openings of windows and doors
  • Zigzag wall cracks
  • Space between the ceiling and the wall
  • Depressed areas in the yard
  • Fresh puddles in the yard
  • Wilting vegetation
  • Collapsed trees and fence posts

If you find a sinkhole, you should mark the area with caution tape or a rope to prevent passers-by from stepping on it. Fill the opening with sand and keep an eye on it to see if its size changes. Get in touch with your insurer first, then the local building department or a licenced engineer.

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