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Best Places to Live in Florida for Singles

Most of the time when people discuss moving to Florida, it’s about a peaceful life after retirement. But what about young or older single people? We all know Florida is the go-to place for partying for a couple of weeks. But what is the dating scene in Florida for people who want serious long-term relationships? In other words, what are the best places to live in Florida for singles?

Dating in Florida is tricky. You will get different opinions from different people. Some would even claim that Florida is one of the worst states for dating. However, a report by WalletHub has declared Florida as the best state for singles. They looked at different parameters involving dating and overall life as a single person. The key metrics used for the study were:

• Dating Economics (How much a date costs).
• Dating Opportunities (Are there enough people to date).
• Romance and Fun (Nightlife and fun activities to do on your date).
We have compiled a list of the best places to live in Florida for singles. Let’s have a look.

The best places for singles in Florida include vibrant cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, offering diverse social scenes and entertainment options.


Located in Leon County, Tallahassee is not only the county seat but also the state capital of Florida. It has a population of 1950,000. An average house in Tallahassee costs about $205,000 but you can rent one for about a thousand dollars a month.

For students, there are many dormitories and hostels. It is the perfect place for a young single person to meet same-minded people. It is home to Florida State University, ranked 18th among the top universities in the entire country. Other than that, it has some reputable institutions like Florida A&M University and Tallahassee Community College. Tallahassee is a vibrant college town with over 70,000 students.

Finding a date in Tallahassee is easy. The city has a median age of 26.9 years, meaning that there is an immense pool of young people. There are countless bars, pubs, and clubs where you can meet singles. Or if you want things to be fast, try local or international dating apps and websites. You will not be disappointed. There are several speed-dating events that are designed to take your worries away and get you directly to the prospects.

Fort Lauderdale

This beautiful city is located in Broward County, 25 miles north of Miami. It has a population of almost 182,000. It is known for its wonderful beaches, amazing arts, and soulful events. An average house in Fort Lauderdale costs about $335,000 while the average monthly rent is $1,300.
There are many ways to find singles in Fort Lauderdale. Designated local dating sites and apps are one way to go. For the more traditional types, beaches and nightclubs are always an option. This makes it one of the best places to live in Florida for singles.

The city is always buzzing with activity. There are many fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, you won’t have to get bored on your dates. If you and your partner are adventurous, you can go kayaking through mangrove tunnels. You guys can also go on a riverboat cruise together, exploring the wonderful sights this place has to offer. If you want a romantic date, you will find many delicate restaurants in the area.


A city known for being awesome for all ages, Tampa is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is a big city and is also the county seat of Hillsborough County. With a median age of 35.7 years, Tampa has a population of almost 400,000. It is the third-largest city in Florida with respect to population and 47th largest at the national level.

Needless to say, with such a huge young population comes a huge number of people ready to mingle. All you have to do is to get on a dating site, create a good profile, and start swiping. You can also participate in the city’s single events or go meet somebody at the club.

The average cost of a house in Tampa is $240,000 and the average rent is $1,130 per month. This is not a lot if you consider what a great city Tampa is.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a major city with a population of about 270,000 people. Is located in Pinellas County and is the 5th most populous city in Florida. Interestingly, St. Petersburg is the largest city in the state that is not a county seat. This beautiful city is known for its world-famous Salvador Dali Museum, flamboyant downtown, lush green parks, and amazing weather.

The dating scene in St. Petersburg is quite fun. Just like any other major city of Florida, finding a date is not that much of a problem because of a big younger population. There are countless bars, clubs, dating services, and singles events. People here are quite open and adventurous. Because of the weather, you will notice that most of the people in St. Petersburg have gorgeous 10 bodies.
Despite being a great city, Saint Petersburg is not that expensive. you can buy a house at an average price of $205,000 or rent one for $1,120.


It is the most popular city in the Sunshine State with a median age of 35.9 years. It has a population of more than 900,000 people. This great city is situated along the Atlantic Ocean in northeast Florida and is known as a paradise for tourists. It is also called the “River City by the Sea”. Jacksonville offers active nightlife as well as tranquil landscapes to get away from the noises of the city.
Being the most populous city in Florida means there are more than enough people for you to choose from. Even if you are older, you have tons of options. People of Jacksonville are known for their loyalty two their loved ones. Because of being a famous beach city, residents of Jacksonville focus a lot on keeping themselves fit.

Jacksonville is an affordable city. You can buy your own house at an average price of $175,000. The rent of an average house is 1,070 per month. The crime rate is relatively higher though. The city has a crime rate far higher than the national average.


It is one of the most famous cities in the United States. Miami is known all over the world for its glamour and parties. This stunning city is also popular for its skyline (third largest in the country), which consists of more than 300 high-rise buildings. Although Miami is considered the perfect vacation spot, it is also home to 470,000 people who call it their home. The population here is quite active. The great thing about Miami is that you will never run out of things to do. The city hosts events of all the major leagues including basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. Residents of Miami are quite passionate about sports.

When it comes to dating, some people might tell you that it is all about superficiality in Miami. That is true to some extent. Because of all the spring breaks and tourist activities in the area, things get a little difficult for those trying to build a serious relationship. On the plus side, it makes Miami one of the best places to hook up, which may lead to something serious. Not to say that you can’t meet people interested in serious relationships in Miami. You should keep your focus on the areas with less tourist concentration for that.

Miami has hot weather, temperatures exceeding both the national and state averages. The crime rate is also a problem, it is almost double the national crime rate. You can buy an average-sized house in a moderate neighborhood for $320,000.


This fabulous city is the county seat of Orange County, Florida. Orlando is the largest inland city in the sunshine state. It is situated near the center of the state, making it a central place from where you can approach every Floridian city easily. Orlando has a population of about 290,000 with a median age of 33.8 years. This means that there are more than enough young singles in the city.

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Meeting people with similar interests is not that difficult in Orlando. This charming city has many clubs, malls like The Florida Mall, and matchmaking services. You can take your date to one of Orlando’s many beautiful spots like Lake Eola Park, Leu Gardens, The Holy Land Experience, or Madame Tussaud’s Orlando, etc.

The weather in Orlando is almost the same as the state average. However, the crime rate is more than two times Florida’s crime rate. Property value is moderate, with an average house costing $240,000.


Miramar is located in southeast Florida in Broward County. It is a reasonably big city, with 30 square miles of land area, 1.77 square miles of water area, and a population of 142,000 people. Miramar Beach is an amazingly fun place with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. If you are a person who appreciates natural beauty, you will not be disappointed by this place.

This ravishing city offers a lot in terms of dating and social activities. Other than having Silver Sands Premium Outlets, one of the county’s largest designer outlet centers, it features great restaurants, delightful bars, and beachside resorts, etc. An ideal date in Miramar would be something that involves nature or watersports because those are the specialty of this place.

The weather in Miramar is usually a bit hotter than in the rest of Florida. The crime rate, however, is better than Florida’s average. You can buy a house in Florida at an average price of $300,000 or rent a full-sized house for a median monthly rent of $1,460.


Located in Sarasota County at the southern end of the Tampa Bay Area, Sarasota city is our next entry in the list of best places to live in Florida for singles. It is known for its wonderful beaches, fine restaurants, and thrilling circus. It is the perfect city for an art lover. It is also the perfect city to meet other art lovers. The official limits of Sarasota include several barrier islands between the bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Sarasota School of Architecture is a famous institution throughout Florida. Similarly, there are some great schools and colleges in this city. Although it has a population of 58,300 people, there is still a lot to do. Your esthetic sense will definitely be quenched in this gorgeous city. That’s probably one of the things that make dating in Sarasota interesting.

Despite being a calmer place than most big cities of Florida, the crime rate in Sarasota is almost double that of the state average. The weather is pleasant, with average temperatures being higher than the state average. You can buy a home in Sarasota for $270,000 on average, or rent a place for an average rent of $1,460 per month.

Cape Coral

This splendid city is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Lee County. This is a relatively modern city that was developed as a planned community. Pristine white sand beaches, refreshing canals, and lavish waterfront properties are some of the main attractions of Cape Coral. This vibrant city of southwest Florida has a class that is shared by very few cities in the state. Almost 200,000 people call it home.

Cape Coral is no doubt one of the best places in Florida to live for singles because you can feel the romance in the air. The city’s jaw-dropping landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for your dates and special moments with your loved one. There are several golf courses, tennis courts, and parks where you can have fun and interact with people.

It is a peaceful place with a crime rate lower than both the national and the state averages. The weather is also quite nice. Cape Coral is usually one of the hotter places in Florida. Property value varies a lot from area to area. The average house price is $230,000 while the average gross rent is $1,250 per month.


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