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With a population nearing twenty-one million, Florida is the third-most populous state in the United States, just behind Texas and California. Why have twenty million people chosen to make sunny Florida their home?

There are many factors to consider when planning a move to Florida. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a mid-sized community in the middle of the state to see why Spring Hill Florida just might be the right neighborhood for you.

Spring Hill is located just an hour's drive north of Tampa Bay and is known for its proximity to major centers without the hustle and bustle.

Spring Hill, FL in a Nutshell

An hour’s drive north of Tampa Bay lies a community known as Spring Hill. Tucked into the southwestern corner of Hernando County, it boasts proximity to major centers without the bustle. Nearby cities include Clearwater, Hernando Beach, St. Petersburg, Brooksville, and Tampa.

Spring Hill encompasses the American zip codes 34604, 34605, 34606, 34607, 34608, 34609, and 34610. These zip codes represent a population hovering at 100,000 at the last census. 


With over seventy schools, Spring Hill has many opportunities for families of any shape to receive an education. The public school district of the county, Hernando School District, oversees the public schools in Spring Hill. Spring Hill also has a handful of charter schools to facilitate college readiness.


There are over thirty options available for daycares in Spring Hill, Fl. Parents can rest easy knowing that these childcare providers prioritize safety and customer satisfaction for all families.

Median Income of Spring Hill, FL vs National Average

The median income for a Spring Hill, FL family in 2020 was $52,532. While this is slightly lower than the national average of $67,521, the cost of living in Spring Hill, FL is 7% lower than the national median cost of living.


The parks of Spring Hill, FL make a routine walk around the neighborhood feel adventurous and wonderful. Looking to stay active? Bicycle trails wind through the public parks in Spring Hill, FL. There are plenty of breathtaking hiking opportunities for those who prefer walking. Admire the wildlife by bird watching.

For a game of catch, multiple parks feature baseball and softball fields. For the more foot-focused athlete, soccer and football fields are also available. Lighted fields allow for late-night games, or even evening play in the winter. Basketball courts are excellent for quick pickup games with the neighbors.

Check out the bocce ball facilities and horseshoe spikes if you’re looking for a slower game. Shuffleboard makes for a laid-back activity. The area also has tennis courts and volleyball courts for those who enjoy direct team sports.

It would hardly be a Floridian town without the opportunity to swim at beautiful beaches. Boat, canoe, and kayak ramps and launches facilitate a day out on the water. Fish and sun in the gorgeous Florida weather.

Host a birthday party, barbecue, or reunion at gazebos outfitted with electricity. Pavilions, picnic shelters, and plenty of public restrooms make for the ideal venue for private outdoor events.


Spring Hill summers are long and strong.

The temperatures in Spring Hill tend to stay between 49 degrees and 90 degrees, dropping to freezing very rarely. That means year-round fishing, swimming, and other outdoor recreation activities. Warm rain keeps Spring Hill vegetation strong and flourishing year-round.

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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Spring Hill, FL?

All areas of Spring Hill, FL have adequate access to parks, schools, and grocery stores. The biggest difference between the neighborhoods will be the cost of the houses. A few of the best places to live in or near Spring Hill, Florida include:

  • Timber Pines
  • Weeki Wachee
  • Land O’ Lakes
  • Brookridge
  • San Antonio

Safety & Atmosphere

Overall, expect low crime rates and quiet neighbors. Though a large population may indicate a higher crime rate, that is not always the case. Spring Hill, FL is a relatively quiet town with a welcoming population excited for fresh faces.

Proximity to Tampa Bay

Spring Hill is conveniently close to multiple large metropolitan areas. This proximity means that residents have access to the amenities of Spring Hill itself and the lovely beaches of Tampa Bay as well. Access to other communities like St. Petersburg ensures a rich life rife with opportunities for a resident looking for little adventures.

Access to Hernando County Resources

As a part of the robust Hernando County, Spring Hill enjoys a wealth of amenities and resources available to Hernando County residents. From a diversity of public education opportunities to a beautiful selection of well-maintained natural areas, Hernando County composes a scenic slice of the state of Florida.

Things to Watch Out for (Cons)

Some geological features may surprise those who have not visited Florida before or have stayed only on the beaches and resorts.

Out of all the states in the country, Florida is number one- when it comes to sinkholes. With over twenty-five thousand sinkholes, the state is riddled with ground that may collapse beneath its residents.

Prevention: Knowledge is Power

By contacting the right people, you can ensure that you purchase a home out of the radius of damage threatened by sinkholes.

The concept of sinkholes, aided by their depiction in action-packed disaster films, can terrify new residents of Florida. However, they are an incredibly manageable issue, especially when taking steps to mitigate damage. Those who know a thing or two about home repair or renovation can take advantage of knowing that their investment won’t disappear under the earth.

Selecting a home that is on high ground, regularly inspecting the foundation, and doing research into the history of the land can all help to prevent disaster.

Want To Move To Spring Hill, FL?

Many of the best places to live in Spring Hill, Florida have a ton to offer the young and the old alike. Those looking for a slower pace should find that Spring Hill offers leisure options and an easy, economically friendly way of life. Adventurous types will enjoy its proximity to large metropolitan areas and beaches for a life of weekend trips that those in landlocked places can only dream of.

Quiet, warm, and friendly, Spring Hill is a great choice for any immigrant to the Sunshine State.

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