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Safety Harbor, Florida, is a generally good place to live if you have the financial resources and prefer a laid-back approach to life. While the average home price in Safety Harbor is slightly above the national average, home prices are more expensive for the state as a whole. The average age of Safety Harbor residents falls in the middle-age bracket. 

This town is part of the Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater metro area. The population growth is modest, and the unemployment rate is relatively low. Safety Harbor, Florida, is 57 feet above sea level and the city is within Pinellas County. 

If you want to move to Safety Harbor, Florida, you’ll want to know every aspect of the town before you get there. Let’s get into the details below. 

All About Safety Harbor, FL

Safety Harbor, FL is a charming, oceanside town. Its population is only 16,987. Safety Harbor’s growth rate has been 3.3% since 2020. The median age is 49.3 years, and the average home price is $385,000. For residents, the median annual income is $58,375. 

Safety Harbor’s cost of living is 9.6% higher than the national average. Its coastal location and idyllic scenery contribute to the higher cost of living. People prefer to live near water, especially the ocean. In states like Florida, coastal breezes can help make the heat and humidity more tolerable, making oceanfront properties extremely desirable. 

Safety Harbor has a lower than average unemployment rate compared to the rest of the  US. The city’s job growth rate is around 2.3%, which is fairly modest. As part of the Tampa Bay area, Safety Harbor attracts employers from the fintech industry. Safety Harbor has a public school system and is home to a few parks, making it a good place for raising a family.

Pros and Cons of Living in Safety Harbor, FL

Like any area, Safety Harbor has its advantages and drawbacks. Whether you enjoy the city will depend on your needs and preferences. Some of the features of Safety Harbor, Florida, are due to the state’s climate and can be found in other Floridian locations. Others are unique to the city itself. 


There are several advantages to living in the Safety Harbor community. For one, you won’t have to deal with winter weather. Safety Harbor also has a growing economy and several popular, unique attractions.

These attractions include the Folly Farms Nature Preserve and Baranoff Park. Historic landmarks like the Fountain of Youth are also in Safety Harbor, Florida. You can find several cultural centers and museums in town, so there is plenty to see and do. 

The cost of living is more expensive than the national average, but Safety Harbor is still affordable. The average housing rate is just above the national average and median incomes are near $60,000, so you can still do well in Safety Harbor as a working professional. If you’re closer to retirement, you may want to consider your savings before moving.

Cons of Living in Safety Harbor, Florida

Because Safety Harbor is in Florida, it has a subtropical climate. This means humidity is high all year long and the city has relatively high temperatures. Summers are the most uncomfortable because the humidity and heat are at their highest. This can be intolerable for some, especially since air conditioning is essential year-round, which can drive up utility bills. 

While temperatures tend to cool off somewhat in the fall and winter, Safety Harbor is still warm. Average temperature ranges are in the 70s during cooler months, but they can even climb into the 80s. Humidity gets a little lower, but it is still high compared to other areas of the country. If you’re used to a dry atmosphere, it will take you a while to get used to the humidity.

Another con is the danger of hurricanes and tornadoes. Hurricanes can be a source of tornadoes, but tornadoes can also come from Florida’s strong thunderstorms. The Tampa area has a history of EF2, EF3, and EF4 tornadoes. This includes Pinellas County and the Safety Harbor, Florida, area. Another common natural disaster in Florida are sinkholes

Other disadvantages include increased crime rates, population growth, and road and neighborhood congestion. These things happen in other cities as well, however, so they are not unique to Safety Harbor alone. 

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Which Neighborhoods Are Best?

Motovo, a real estate site, voted Safety Harbor as the best suburb in Tampa Bay. Some neighborhoods like Harbor Oaks Estates and Bay Woods have some of the most expensive home values, and will provide you with good neighbors and beautiful living spaces. 

However, that doesn’t mean these neighborhoods are necessarily the best areas for you to live. You must balance the cost of living with your budget and needs. Luckily, Safety Harbor has plenty of wonderful places to live that are near common attractions and able to fit your budget. 

Crime and Safety 

Safety Harbor is safer than 43% of cities in the United States. Property crimes are higher than violent crimes. Safety Harbor has a property crime rate of 12.36 incidents per 1,000 residents. The violent crime rate is 1.82 per 1,000 people. 

While Safety Harbor is not the most crime-free place to live in the U.S., it is safer than other towns. The city is also safer than other locations in Florida when looking at incidents per person. However, the number of crimes per square mile is higher in Safety Harbor than in the state of Florida as a whole. 

Final Thoughts

Safety Harbor, Florida is generally a great place to live. While the cost of living is slightly above the national average, it is far from the most expensive. The weather is warm year-round, but it may take some time to acclimate to the heat and humidity. Air conditioning is a must if you’re purchasing a home or renting an apartment. 
In climate weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, can present dangers. Florida is also especially prone to sinkholes, which can deter people from buying a home there. If you’re worried about falling victim to a sinkhole, you can learn more about choosing a safe neighborhood without any nearby sinkhole dangers before you relocate.      

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