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South Tampa is a charming, historic neighborhood located just across the Howard Frankland Bridge from St Petersburg, FL. Several coveted neighborhoods and communities within South Tampa are rated as very safe. Like all communities, there are more desirable areas than others. This article will explore whether South Tampa is the right place for your next move

It’s well known that South Tampa is a popular choice among growing families. The safety factor, excellent schools, and proximity to many parks make this on many parents’ lists when searching for a new home. 

Young professionals are also flocking to the more affordable neighborhoods in South Tampa. They enjoy the walkability and proximity to coffee shops, renowned restaurants, and lively bars.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in South Tampa?

Ballast Point

Ballast Point is located in eastern South Tampa and sits right up against Hillsborough Bay. It is a lovely mix of suburban and city living. The schools here are rated as excellent. The area is known for its extensive park collection, making it an excellent choice for families with children.

The most popular park in the area is the historic Ballast Point Park. Situated right on the water, this park is known for scenic views, great picnicking spots, and playgrounds near the pier. The average home value is about $400,000, while the national average is $230,000. 

Fair Oaks/Manhattan Manor

Situated in central South Tampa, this neighborhood is a more affordable option that attracts young professionals. The average home value here is $247,000, and while most residents here own their own homes, there is an urban feel. Many coffee shops and trendy eateries are within walking distance. Public schools in Fair Oaks/Manhattan Manor are ranked as very good. 


Golfview is located in the northern region of South Tampa. If you’re searching for a neighborhood with a more suburban feel, Golfview is a great choice.

Golfview is aptly named. The neighborhood is situated around Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club. This highly reviewed golf club offers great dining choices, event space rentals, and of course, a stunning course. This neighborhood is definitely on the pricier side, with an average home value of $576,000. 

Parkland Estates

Located in the northeast part of South Tampa. The neighborhood feel is a good mix of urban and suburban. Parkland Estates was first developed in the 1920s, so this area is bursting with charm and character. These tree-lined streets have a great combination of older, most established neighborhoods with newer apartment complexes.

 Parkland Estates is known for its excellent food scene. One of the best parts of this neighborhood is the proximity to Hyde Park Village. Hyde Park Village is an open-air shopping area with fresh markets and excellent dining and shopping options. The area attracts a lot of younger professionals that enjoy the local food and drink choices. The average home price in Parkland Estates is $808,000. 

Port Tampa City

Port Tampa City is located adjacent to the Macdill Air Force Base. It is a great neighborhood for those who enjoy outdoor recreation. This neighborhood also borders Old Tampa Bay and has several well-known parks. One popular park is Picnic Island Park, a park situated on a peninsula in Old Tampa Bay. This park features a dog beach, a disc golf course, and access to the Port Tampa Reef. 

This neighborhood is considered more affordable for this area, with an average home price of $246,000. Port Tampa City is known for being a quiet, safe place to live. Residents love the charm and character that the older homes provide. Like other neighborhoods nearby, the public schools located here are great.

Sun Bay South

This suburban/urban neighborhood has a more even split of renters and homeowners. The median home value for Sun Bay South is $287,000, and the west side of this neighborhood features waterfront properties.

Sun Bay South has a great reputation for excellent restaurants and bars. Some of the most popular restaurants include Mama’s Kitchen, a family restaurant offering everything from breakfast foods to fried chicken. Another Sun Bay South classic is Salt Shack on the Bay. Located right on the water, Salt Shack is known for its great seafood. 

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Interbay is centrally located in South Tampa. Because it’s not right on the water, it’s easier to find more affordable properties here. The average home price is $204,000. Ballast Point is located just to the East, and Sun Bay South is just to the South. Most residents own their homes in this neighborhood, and there are excellent public schools. 

The jewel of Interbay is Gadsden Park. This park features playgrounds, walking trails, and a dog park. At the center of the park is a beautiful lake. Because this park has so many great features, it’s no wonder it’s a central gathering place for residents of Interbay. Just watch out for alligators!

Bayshore Beautiful

This historic neighborhood is one of the most coveted places to live in South Tampa. The brick-lined streets and large, mature trees make it easy to feel the history. This neighborhood sits along the Bayshore Boulevard, and many homes have beautiful waterfront views. Nearly 70% of residents own their homes in this area. 

The average home price in Bayshore Beautiful is $668,000. It’s no surprise the schools in this neighborhood are also excellent. Most residents agree a car is required in this neighborhood as it has a more residential feel. It is a very safe area, and most residents feel comfortable walking alone at night. 

What is South Tampa Known For?

South Tampa has a reputation for upscale homes, excellent public schools, and incredible access to outdoor recreation. While downtown Tampa attracts many tourists, those living in South Tampa can escape to a more residential area with fewer crowds.

South Tampa is regarded as a safe place for everyone, particularly those raising families. Many neighborhoods in South Tampa also attract a large number of young professionals. 

There is a large military presence in South Tampa. Located on the southernmost tip of the South Tampa peninsula is the Macdill Air Force Base. There are a number of military professionals living there. There is also a golf course located on the base. The Bay Palms Golf Complex features two courses and a restaurant. 

What Attractions are Located in South Tampa?

The gem of South Tampa is Bayshore Boulevard. The Boulevard is 4.5 miles of waterfront sidewalks that attract pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters. This stretch of the walkway has breathtaking views of the water, the city, and historic homes. There is also quite a bit of shopping available in this area.

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Because South Tampa is located right on the water, there are a variety of water sports and excursions available. Popular activities in South Tampa are dolphin watching, fishing, sunset cruises, and going to the many beautiful beaches in the area. 

South Tampa has a rich food and drinks scene. There are local dives that have built up a loyal following, as well as several fine dining experiences. The diversity of Tampa allows for various cultures to influence the restaurant scene. No matter what type of food or dining experience you’re searching for, you’ll find it in South Tampa!

Pros and Cons About South Tampa

Now that we’ve learned a little bit more about South Tampa, let’s go over somesome of the pros and cons related to the area. Bear in mind that some of these pros and cons apply to the greater area of Florida. 

South Tampa has so many fantastic aspects that attract those looking to relocate. However, as South Tampa continues to become more well known, prices may become even higher in the years to come. 


  • Excellent Public Schools
  • Wide variety of highly-rated restaurants and bars
  • Easy access to outdoor recreation
  • A quieter, less crowded option than central Tampa


  • Many neighborhoods are much pricier than the national average
  • Natural disasters are a possibility in this area of the country
  • Many neighborhoods have strict HOA policies
  • Not much in the way of public transportation

What are South Tampa Neighborhoods Best for Retirement?

While South Tampa is known for most of its residents being families or young professionals, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good place for retirement. Depending on your interests and budget, there are several great neighborhood options for retiring in South Tampa. The neighborhoods in South Tampa vary drastically with price, so it’s vital to research and figure out what’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle. 

There are many apartment complexes in South Tampa geared towards 55+ populations. There are also several assisted living centers. Several of these complexes are located in Golfview and near Bayshore. However, South Tampa may not have the most options available for those searching for active adult 55+ neighborhoods.


South Tampa, FL, is a beautiful place to live. It includes great places for retirement and a lively restaurant scene. However, it’s not unheard of for sinkholes to be in South Tampa, so ensure you check before buying.

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