Is Wesley Chapel, FLorida a Good Place To Live
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Wesley Chapel, Florida, is located in Pasco County, not far from the Gulf of Mexico. Wesley Chapel is a suburb of the greater Tampa metropolitan region. As of 2020, it boasted a population of approximately 64,866 people.

Compared to its population circa the 2010 census, which sat below 45,000, it is evident that Wesley Chapel has experienced positive development in recent years as people from all around settled in the sunny, seaside city.

With Miami and Tampa nearby, people have flocked to this peaceful suburb. Wesley Chapel is located near I-75, which runs from Miami in the south to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in the north. This interstate is one of the most well-traveled in the United States.

Wesley Chapel is about 25 miles from downtown Tampa, which you can reach by taking I-275, an interstate that services the Tampa Bay area and crosses over Sunshine Skyway Bridge!

If you want to relocate, Wesley Chapel is a perfect town for people of all ages to put down roots and grow into the broader community. Whether you are aiming to start a family in a place with fantastic school districts or retire along sandy shores, Wesley Chapel meets the needs of everybody. The safe neighborhoods and plethora of activities locally and in nearby Tampa and Miami create the ideal atmosphere for those thinking of staying long-term. 

Wesley Chapel by tampa bay property management
Photo Courtesy of: Tampa Bay Property Management


There is a great deal of diversity in Wesley Chapel’s residents. The community sports a high number of families, as well as married couples without children, individuals, and elderly people living alone.

The 2010 census data reveals a wide range of age groups in Wesley Chapel. 28.27% of the population is under the age of 18, 4.69% is 20 to 24, 32.58% from 25 to 44, 23.36% from 45 to 64, and 8.86% who were 65 years of age or older. 

The town of Wesley Chapel is very ethnically diverse. Residents of Wesley Chapel belong to a variety of ethnic and racial groups. White is the most common race in Wesley Chapel, followed by African-American.

Wesley Chapel also has a substantial Hispanic population. 23.27% of the residents are Hispanic or Latino. German, Italian, Polish, Irish, and English ancestries are prominent in Wesley Chapel, showing diversity.


The economy of Wesley Chapel is overwhelmingly white-collar, with 88.17% of its workers involved in traditional white-collar professions, far above the average. Wesley Chapel is predominantly home to salespeople and others who work in offices. 

In particular, Wesley Chapel is home to many who have found work as managers in sales, office, and administrative jobs. The fields of science and technology are also booming. 

A number of newer houses have been built in Wesley Chapel in recent years. Most new home construction occurs when middle-class or wealthier residents move into the area, attracted by jobs, the healthy local economy, or other amenities as they leave for greener pastures.

The median household income in Wesley Chapel is $86,945.00, which appears to reflect this trend. The current poverty rate is below the national average, around 5.9%.

Below are some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Wesley Chapel, FL.

  • Seven Oaks
  • Country Walk/Ashley Pines
  • Wiregrass – The Ridge
  • Northwood
  • Hamilton Park
  • Palm Cove/Bridgewater
  • Tanglewood Village
  • Ashton Oaks
  • Wesley Chapel South
  • Angus Valley/Quail Hollow Acreage


Wesley Chapel is on the safer side in terms of cities to settle. If you evaluate nationwide, Wesley Chapel is 65 out of 100 on the national crime index. This means that this Tampa suburb is actually safer than 65% of cities and towns across the United States.

Violent crime is low, comprising less than 2% of all crime in Wesley Chapel. On a state level, the town’s 1.62% outdoes Florida’s overall 3.87%, below the national median of 4.0.

A white-collar community more often than not begets white-collar crimes. Property crimes are the most common crime seen by residents of Wesley Chapel, where your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 147.

When compared to Florida’s statewide statistic of 1 in 56, you can rest easy knowing that Wesley Chapel is very safe. Residents report a strong sense of security within the community, and none are afraid to go outside after dark. 

Below are some of the safest neighborhoods in Wesley Chapel, FL.

  • Tanglewood Village
  • Wiregrass – The Ridge
  • Palm Cove/Bridgewater
  • Wesley Chapel South
  • Country Walk/Ashley Pines
  • Hamilton Park
  • Seven Oaks
  • Wesley Chapel Southeast
  • Saddlebrook Village
houses in wesley chapel florida by My Network Area
Photo Courtesy of My Network Area


Wesley Chapel has no shortage of schools for children, with three junior and senior high schools built within the last twenty years. Wesley Chapel High School is ranked #7 in Pasco County, #34 in the Tampa area, and #250 in the entire state of Florida.

Every day, educators around the city seek to improve not only your child’s experience but also their standard of teaching in accordance with the progressive curriculum. Below are some of the best Wesley Chapel schools by neighborhood.

  • Wesley Chapel South
  • Tanglewood Village
  • Saddlebrook Village West
  • Northwood
  • Seven Oaks
  • Wesley Chapel Southeast
  • Wiregrass – The Ridge
  • Country Walk/Ashely Pines
  • Angus Valley/Quail Hollow Acreage
  • Villages at Wesley Chapel/Boyette Oaks


There are a number of colleges near Wesley Chapel, given its close proximity to Tampa. From trade schools to 4-year universities, whether you intend to attend school part-time while working or move away and begin your degree, there is a range of higher education options from which to choose. 

Many of the schools are affordable and well-ranked within the state of Florida. Below, they have been sorted by two separate criteria: rank and distance.

Top 5 Colleges Near Wesley Chapel By Rank

Top 5 Colleges Near Wesley Chapel By Distance


Wesley Chapel is an idyllic spot for lovers of the beach, nightlife, state parks, cuisine, boating, the arts, and theater. In essence, it is a great place to settle if you enjoy robust options for entertainment.

There is no shortage of things to do in the town itself, as well as nearby Tampa. Or, if you are eager to go on a weekend trip, Miami is just a few hours away! Be it the wilderness trails or Epperson Lagoon, there are a lot of thrilling places to explore in town. Below we’ve listed just a few of them. 

Being less than 25 miles along I-275 from downtown Tampa is great for planning short weekend getaways or staging an impromptu daycation. Situated along the gorgeous Tampa Bay, its museums and botanical gardens are also renowned by visitors and Floridians. Residents of Wesley Chapel intending to stay will always have the option to get lost in the enthralling activities neighboring Tampa without having to endure the constant hustle and bustle of big-city living. 

Saddlebrook_Resort in wesley chapel florida
SBPrep CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

5 Things To Do in Tampa

  1. Busch Gardens
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. ZooTampa
  4. Straz Center for the Performing Arts
  5. Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Living in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Most people are wracked by nerves when they are about to upend their life in one place to start over new elsewhere. Anxiety is natural, and you may question yourself up until the move is made and you have finally arrived.

Once there, life will begin anew and you will find that those doubts were for nothing. The home you have chosen is right for you. Whether you are moving to Wesley Chapel from Miami, Florida, or Miami, Ohio, you will see that it is the perfect place for you. 

It is 65% safer than the rest of the cities in the United States, with a vibrant white-collar economy and a poverty rate that is low compared to the national average. Jobs are abundant, whether you are wanting to move into the public or private sector, and opportunities to earn a reasonable salary abound.

Wesley Chapel is an up-and-coming suburb with no end to the industry that is moving in as the city expands, flourishing from the recent prosperity. The population will continue to increase!

Over the next decade, the diversification of Wesley Chapel will certainly continue. Because it is already deep-seated within the community, this has laid the foundation for people hailing from every walk of life to take up residence and contribute to the genial atmosphere of the town.

People looking for a place to retire will find that Wesley Chapel is prepared to greet them with open arms and an open mind, and they may find comfort in the fact the town is still growing. 

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