Sinkhole data source display

Sinkhole Affected Parcels and Sinkhole Incidents For the Entire Florida

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We are very excited to announce some of the recent improvements to the site.

1) Now Covers the Entire Florida

We have been working diligently on collecting sinkhole data and we are pleased to announce that we are now serving the entire Florida.

The sinkhole data is divided by Florida counties. We have also created a Florida City / Neighborhood page for users who want to get to these maps by city / neighborhood names.

Since sinkhole does not exist in the entire Florida only the counties with sinkhole issues are listed.

2) Updated Sinkhole Data Presentation

We recently updated how the sinkhole data is presented on the Florida county sinkhole maps.

The sinkhole data is now divided into “Sinkhole affected parcels” and “Sinkhole incidents”.

 Sinkhole incident

 Sinkhole Affected Parcel

3) Added Sinkhole “Data Source”

Since we collect data from multiple sources, we have added “Data Source” information to indicate where the data came from.

Sinkhole data source display

4) Added a Clickable Florida Map to Find Sinkhole Maps by County

We have added a clickable Florida map for users to easily find Florida sinkhole maps by county location.

Florida Sinkhole Maps by County

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