Arlington Ridge – Leesburg Sinkhole

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On Sunday, June 17, 2018, a sinkhole appeared outside the main entrance of Arlington Ridge, a gated retirement community located around five miles from downtown Leesburg in Florida.

The sinkhole opened at the road that runs through the community. There are no homes or building that are threatened and nobody got hurt. However, officials closed the road in that area to assess and repair the sinkhole.

George Flint, manager of the community development district for Arlington Ridge, said smaller sinkholes were seen in the area before, but it was the first time that they saw something quite this deep. He also said someone reported that there was a depression forming in the road. Sinkhole experts and officials from the Leesburg Public Works were brought in to check the situation. The area was barricaded the following day as crews worked to repair the sinkhole.

By Monday at around 7PM, it was reported that the sinkhole had been filled.

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