Green Valley Country Club – Clermont Sinkhole

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On May 31, 2018, a large hole appeared at the neighborhood of Green Valley Country Club in Clermont, Florida. It opened near the southern entrance to the subdivision off State Road 50.

The large, deep hole is located on the property of the Mormon Church, between the golfing green and tee box. Last Saturday, some golfers didn’t notice the hole and said they would not allow it to affect their handicap.

The church put up a fence around the hole to make sure that no one will get hurt. Also, experts were called to detect if there are other issues below the surface.

One of the residents who moved to the neighborhood about a year and a half ago said she didn’t know if the area is prone to sinkholes or not. She also hopes that no more holes will appear. Another resident said considering the amount of rainfall they’ve experienced, nobody knows what could happen.

Check this Lake County Sinkhole Map to have a look at all the sinkholes in the Lake County.


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