Long Pond Road – Seminole County Sinkhole

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A sinkhole has stabilized after it appeared on March 16 at Long Pond Road and near Lake Mary at Seminole County, Florida. It first looked like a depression, but the county emergency management didn’t expect it to grow this big.

Geotech engineers recommended the county officials to study the sinkhole so they could come up with a remediation plan. Officials said the process usually takes a few days or weeks depending on the size of the hole.

On March 26, it opened while they’re in the process of collecting data and studying the conditions of the surface, causing the water pipe to separate. A resident said water was seen bubbling up beneath a home near Long Pond and Markham Woods roads, which is an indication that there’s damage to a water main. Fifteen residents didn’t have a water supply for five hours, but the emergency management said as of March 28, everyone already has water.

Resident Jim Berko, who lives down the street from where the sinkhole appeared, said this is the second sinkhole that opened since he moved to the area 30 years ago.

While there’s no way to stop sinkholes from growing, officials said the information gathered will help them figure out what might have caused the sinkhole.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Seminole County, check this Seminole County Sinkhole Map.

Source: www.wftv.com

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