New Missouri Ozarks Wilderness Resort to Feature 200-ft. Deep Sinkhole

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We don’t normally report non-Florida sinkhole news but this one really got our attention and we couldn’t just let it slide.

Top of the Rock Lodge is a new signature wilderness resort that will soon rise in Southwest Missouri. A project of Bass Pro founder Johnny Morris, one of the notable features of this resort is The Cathedral of Nature, a 200-ft. deep sinkhole.

When the hole opened in May 2015, Morris, a cave enthusiast, was inspired to excavate the site as he hoped to see caverns underneath it. After removing thousands of truckloads of dirt and rocks, it revealed massive limestone formations that are believed to have been formed over 300 million years ago.

Top of the Rock Lodge is the latest world-class resort at Big Cedar Lodge that is named the Best Resort in the Midwest for the last two years. It will be built at the Top of the Rock Ozarks Heritage Preserve, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. The wilderness resort will also showcase a range of amenities including a golf course, cave and nature trail, infinity pool, spa, fitness center, meeting space, dining establishments, and the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum. Over 100 rooms with stone fireplaces that will be built in the new resort will have direct views of the sinkhole as well as the Table Rock Lake.

With the aim of keeping the spirit of the Ozarks Heritage Preserve, guests can expect to see natural beauty and rich history in the interiors and overall look and feel of the resort. They will first enter a grand living room home with fireplaces and will be welcomed by stunning views of natural wonders through a 30-ft. window that opens onto a cantilevered perch stretching out over the edge of the cliff.

Construction of the Top of the Rock Lodge is set to begin in summer. According to the director of Taney County Planning & Zoning, the land was already approved for lodging.


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