River Ridge – New Port Richey Depression in Florida

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A hole opened on September 4th between homes in the gated River Ridge Subdivision, New Port Richey, Florida.

Initially, county officials said the hole measured 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep, but later said it could reach 100 feet if the hole connects to another depression in the area. Also, since it formed in private land, the county will not take further action and it is considered an insurance issue.

Both homes were deemed unsafe, and inspectors marked them with warning signs. Officials also said the structural integrity of the home seems to be intact as nothing shifted and there’s no degradation from the outside after the hole opened.

The depression has not been classified as a sinkhole. By definition, a sinkhole refers to a depression that has no natural external surface drainage.

To avoid buying a sinkhole house, use this Pasco county sinkhole map to investigate where sinkholes have occurred in Pasco County.


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