Gainesville – Alachua County Sinkhole in Florida

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A sinkhole appeared on June 21, 2019 at I-75 southbound, north of the 382-mile marker (Williston Road exit) in Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida. According to Florida Highway Patrol, it was 10 feet wide and about 12 to 15 feet deep.

Patrick Riordan, Public Information Officer for Troop B of the Florida Highway Patrol, said it is not uncommon to see sinkholes in Gainesville considering the amount of rain it received recently. FDOT also used a radar to identify whether or not the sinkholes were due to an issue underground. “It’s actually a sizable sinkhole that’s developed here on the emergency lane and then there’s a secondary sinkhole off the shoulder, whether those are connected or not we don’t know,” he said. The outside southbound lane was closed to motorists.

As of 10:15PM, both holes were filled and all lanes have been opened.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Alachua County, check this Alachua County sinkhole map.


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