Keystone Heights – Clay County Sinkhole in Florida

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A massive sinkhole formed near Auburn Avenue, located between Princeton and Notre Dame in Keystone Heights, Clay County in Florida on August 20, 2019.

With a diameter of 60 feet, the sinkhole appeared on a private property. Officials had taped off the nearby areas since they believe that the hole seemed to be growing. According to several neighbors, the property owners were forced to leave their home when the sinkhole increased in size. The neighbors also said that it started when the owners installed new underground pumps to create a well in the front yard. On Tuesday night, the well-drilling truck started sinking into the ground and the following morning, they discovered a huge hole.

The Clay County Sherriff’s Office will only be able to fix the sinkhole when they’re sure that it is not getting any larger. Roadways near the private property where closed down and drivers were advised to take alternate routes.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Clay County, check this Clay County sinkhole map.


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