Lakeside Woodlands – Pasco County Depressions in Florida

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Several depressions formed at Lakeside Woodlands Community in Hudson, Pasco County in Florida. The first hole was detected on August 13, 2019.

After the initial assessment, it was found that the holes were still active, increasing in number and size. The largest hole was estimated to be 25 feet across and eight feet deep. So far, officials said 20 holes appeared in the area. They said the depressions could be caused by heavy rains that the area received in the last few days.

According to Nicholas Albergo, professor at the University of South Florida and a sinkhole specialist, it’s not unusual to see holes when there are heavy rains since the limestone underneath the area is very shallow. He added that depressions form over time as soil gets through the cracks of the limestone foundation. Depressions are also not as deep as sinkholes.

Sinkholes are common in Florida because of the state’s geology. Albergo said sinkholes can be expected if it continues to rain.

Meanwhile, officials of Pasco County said no people or buildings were at risk of these formations.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Pasco County, check this Pasco County sinkhole map.


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