Otha Holt Road – Gibson County Sinkhole in Tennessee

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Because of heavy rains and flooding in Tennessee, a massive sinkhole formed at Otha Holt Road between Milan and Medina in Gibson County on Saturday, February 23, 2019. Otha Holt Road is one of the roads that had to be closed off to keep motorists from getting trapped in high floods.

A car got stuck in the massive sinkhole. According to the investigators, the woman and two children who were inside the vehicle were unharmed and were able to get out before the car sank. The car’s driver named Dinah Hufstedler said she was driving with her grandson and another boy when she saw the road that was covered by water. However, her car sunk to the hole before she had the chance to back up.

Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas said they are working to fix the hole as they waited for the water to subside. It is also expected that the road will be closed off indefinitely.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Tennessee, check these Tennessee sinkhole maps.


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