Greenwell Road – North Knox County Sinkhole in Tennessee

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After a weekend of record-breaking rains and flooding, a huge sinkhole opened at the edge of Greenwell Road in North Knox County on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

According to Jim Snowden, Director of Knox County Public Works, it was reported that a hole with a width of five feet formed on Greenwell Road before 12 noon. However, at 6PM, it reached 29 by 25 feet and with a depth of about 30 feet, swallowing half of the road.

A 12-inch line feeding into the Hallsdale-Powell Utility District water tank is located right next to the sinkhole. Snowden said if the line breaks, the tank might release water into the hole which could cause damage, aside from getting the water supply cut off. Snowden added that the process of repairing the hole could last for a week.

As Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs examined the sinkhole, he said they might see more holes forming since the ground’s surface in the area is made up mostly of limestone, as well as the soft soil from the heavy rains.

With 10 consecutive days of rain, including over five inches of water on Saturday, it was the wettest February of the Knoxville area since 1873.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Tennessee, check these Tennessee sinkhole maps.


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