Upper Allen Township, PA – Mechanicsburg Sinkhole

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A sinkhole opened at the 800 block of South Market Street in Upper Allen Township, Mechanicsburg on July 23, 2018 due to a water main break that eroded the soil.

The hole was account 20 feet wide though it got larger. It formed under a utility pole, a section of the sidewalk, a portion of the street as well as a home driveway that was entirely cut off from the roadway.

South Market was closed between East Elmwood Avenue and Shepherdstown Road. Township police said the affected utility pole needed to be stabilized first before doing the repair work that will be handled by PennDOT since the hole is in their right-of-way.

Meanwhile, Suez Water said the break needed other utilities to repair the lines. A water advisory was sent to several homes and businesses that might be affected.

To Avoid buying a sinkhole house, use this Cumberland County sinkhole map to investigate where sinkholes have occured in Cumberland County.



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