17-92 Sanford – Seminole County Sinkhole in Florida

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A small dip in the pavement on 17-92 in Sanford, Seminole County in Florida prompted the project manager of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to inspect the area.

Though most drivers might not notice it, FDOT placed orange cones and dug up the area. They discovered a series of holes beneath a layer of soil and pavement. There were enough holes that could cause a sinkhole.

The crews closed some southbound lanes while two lanes at County Home Road remain open. They had already found and repaired two other holes at 17-92. They are likewise pumping concrete underground to fill the holes and prevent a sinkhole from developing. Since they will continue to work on the area, motorists who are doing their grocery shopping for Thanksgiving will be affected. However, the officials said they are hoping to finish their work by the end of the week so people can do their holiday shopping on Black Friday.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Seminole County, check this Seminole County sinkhole map.


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