Macon Road – Memphis Sinkhole in Tennessee

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On November 1st 2018, a large sinkhole formed on Macon Road in Berclair, Memphis in Tennessee. According to the Memphis Police Department, the hole is caused by a broken water main located in the eastbound lane near N. Graham Street. It opened on Thursday morning.

Motorist Chasity Perry said she ran into the hole before it started bubbling. Her mother and young daughter were with her when the incident happened, saying that she didn’t see the sinkhole until it was too late. She added that she lost her motor and muffler because of the “scary experience”.

MLGW closed all eastbound traffic lanes in the 3900 block of Macon Road, from Maria Street to Graham Street. As the repairs were expected to last up to 10 hours, all drivers were encouraged to find alternate routes.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Shelby County, check these Tennessee Sinkhole Maps.


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