Clyde Drive Northside – Jacksonville Sinkhole in Florida

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A sinkhole that was estimated to be 12 feet swallowed a car of a man as he was driving on Clyde Drive near Lem Turner Road at Northside, Jacksonville in Florida on December 1st.

Tyron Oakes, the owner of the car, was shaken up because of the incident, though fortunately he was not hurt. He said he heard something loud. His car went up and under then started spinning around in circles. He was able to get out of the driver’s seat and reached the top of his car. When the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department arrived at the scene, they handed Oakes a lifeline long pole to pull him out of the hole.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the cause of the huge hole was not clear. However, someone might have hit a fire hydrant. Also, the police said at least one home got flooded. Clyde Drive between 13th Avenue and Ribault Avenue was closed to identify the cause of the hole and do road repairs.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Jacksonville, check this Jacksonville sinkhole map.


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