733 Winifred Way in The Village of Winifred – The Villages Sinkhole in Florida

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On August 26, 2018 two sinkholes formed in the front yard of a home at 733 Winifred Way in the Village of Winifred, The Villages. This occurred after Sumter County performed large-scale cleaning of storm drains in the neighborhood.

One of the sinkholes opened on the north side and underneath the driveway of the home owned by Carol Thomas. Its depth is about four feet and grass-covered ground can be seen inside the hole. The other sinkhole, which is smaller in diameter, opened on the south side of the property and close to the yard of Thomas’ neighbor. There’s also a sunken area between the sinkholes and it seems that it would connect the two if it opened up.

Plastic orange cones barricade the front yard of Thomas’ home as well as a section of the driveway of her neighbor. Also, the driving lane of Winifred Way in front of the house is blocked, affecting traffic flow but only for a short distance.

To avoid buying a sinkhole house near the villages of Winifred, check out this sinkhole map.


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