Sinkhole Near Hollow Pine Drive in Debary – Volusia County Florida

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A sinkhole formed last August 23 on US 17-92 near Hollow Pine Drive in Debary, Volusia County in Florida.

According to FDOT Spokesman Steve Olson, the hole grew wider, reaching 20 feet in diameter last Saturday when a water pipe broke. The dirt drop then reached about 25 feet. By Monday, the major road is still closed while officials fix the hole that had reached 50 feet.

While the road is closed, drivers at the northbound US 17-92 need to use detours. To fix the hole, the area needs to be stabilized and leveled off, then the road and sidewalk will be repaved.

According to some residents, the hole damaged a lamp post. An electric pole was also leaning. They said the water supply was cut off for a few hours last Saturday. FDOT officials said utilities have been rerouted.

Check out this Volusia County Sinkhole map to avoid buying a Sinkhole house in Volusia County.


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