76 Depressions – Lakeside Woodlands in Pasco County, Florida

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A total of 76 depressions formed at a neighborhood at Pasco County in Hudson, Florida over the last few weeks. According to the Pasco County Emergency Management, the holes appeared underneath and around Willow Brook Court in the Lakeside Woodlands Community.

The holes started to appear in the area last August. Based on the previous report, there were only 36 depressions. But more holes formed in the next few days, most of which are located on private properties. Also, some of the holes are active, with the largest hole that has a diameter of 25 feet and depth of eight feet.

Officials said there are no buildings that are in imminent danger and no residential homes have been considered uninhabitable. A section of Willow Brook Court was closed down for safety reasons, and officials have yet to give an estimated date when the road would be open.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Pasco County, check this Pasco County sinkhole map.




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