Willow Lakes Drive, Lutz – Pasco County Depression in Florida

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After reports saying that there were a total of 76 depressions in a Hudson neighborhood, another depression formed under a home in Willow Lakes Drive on October 25, 2019, forcing the family to evacuate.

It was a Friday night when the family residing in the affected home saw floor tiles popping up – a sign of a possible depression. They also saw cracks in their walls. Likewise, a small depression, about a foot wide, formed outside the home. According to the building officials, it’s affecting the foundation of the property. They’ve considered the home unsafe to inhabitants. Red Cross helped the family in relocating while officials further assess the situation. The family was also advised to reach out to their insurance company since the depression formed in a private property.

Depressions formed in the Lakeside Woodlands community last August and the number has increased. According to geologists, they do not know if more holes will form. While the county explores options to help those who are worried about the situation, they’re advising homeowners to contact their insurance providers since some of the depressions opened up on private property.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Pasco County, check this Pasco County sinkhole map.




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