Forest High School in Marion County – Ocala Sinkholes

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Several possible sinkholes opened at Forest High School in Marion County, Ocala, Florida on May 22, 2018.

According to Kevin Christian from the Marion County School District, the possible sinkholes measure between 15 and 20 feet wide and appeared in a designated retention area that is adjacent to the parking lot. The depressions opened in the same community where sinkholes appeared recently.

Since these opened in an area where there is no foot traffic, these do not pose any danger to anyone at the moment. Also, no cars or buildings are being threatened. Christian said since the school lets out this Thursday, there will be no students on campus the following week. This will give them an opportunity to better assess the area and determine when the depressions will be filled back in.

According to the emergency management, depressions are common during storms and can grow in size rapidly. Officials will be asked to assess if these depressions are sinkholes. They also encourage people to be aware of their surroundings and contact officials immediately if they spot any sinkhole.

To avoid buying a sinkhole house, use this Marion County Sinkhole map to investigate where sinkholes have occurred in Marion County.



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