Woodhaven Apartments Northeast Second Street – Ocala Sinkhole in Florida

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On October 2, 2018, a sinkhole was found at the side of Building 1549 at Woodhaven Apartments in Northeast Second Street, Ocala in Florida.

According to Ashley Lopez, spokeswoman for Ocala Fire Rescue, a resident called about the situation on Tuesday afternoon. The hole is about two feet wide with a depth of around two feet. Because it opened only around 20 feet from the building, fire officials called the building officials to inspect the hole. It was found that the structure was unsafe. Over a dozen people who live in eight units of the building were asked to evacuate the building until further notice.

The sinkhole was roped off and surrounded by markers to warn people about the situation in the area. This comes about a month after residents in the Wynchase subdivision of Fore Ranch community were able to return to their homes. They evacuated during the latter part of April when several sinkholes opened near their buildings.

Around 16 residents are affected, according to Paula Lozettski, president of the Woodhaven Condominium Association. She also thinks there’s nothing to fear, adding that last August, workers from the Foundation Services when the foundation of the building needed lift support. Lozettski said she has been a resident of Woodhaven for almost 16 years.

Resident Sheree Hagadona has been living in the apartment complex for 12 years. Despite the recommendation to evacuate, she said she wouldn’t leave.

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  1. Dawn Anderson
    Dawn Anderson says:

    It was determined after further investigation that it was not a sinkhole but an old rotted wood fence post that deteriorated and caused the small hole.


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