Penn Avenue – Pittsburgh Sinkhole in Pennsylvania

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A large sinkhole formed on October 28, 2019 during the Monday morning rush hour along Penn Avenue near 10th Street in downtown Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Half of a Port Authority bus had been stuck in the hole.

The hole had an estimated depth of 20 feet and width of around 75 feet, forcing authorities to close 10th Street from motorists. Officials said the ground opened up while the bus was waiting at a traffic light. According to Karina Ricks, the city’s director of mobility and infrastructure, the road would likely be closed down for a few weeks so officials could assess the situation and address any concerns regarding infrastructure.

Two people – the driver and a passenger – were inside the bus when the incident happened. Fortunately, both were able to get out of the bus. The driver did not sustain injuries, while the passenger was brought to a hospital to treat a minor neck pain. Two cranes lifted out the bus late Monday night.

According to Director of Pittsburgh Public Safety Wendell Hissrich, there are fiber optic communication lines in the area. If the sinkhole caused damage to these lines, he said it could lead to communication issues. No problems with other utilities were seen.

To find out more about nearby sinkholes in Pennsylvania, check this Pennsylvania sinkhole map.


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