Route 2007 – Jackson Center Sinkhole in Pennsylvania

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A sinkhole opened in Jackson Center on September 17, forcing PennDOT to close the road from the intersection at Main Street and Franklin Road to Bradley Road.

The hole was formed on Route 2007 which is also called Cranberry and Springfield Township roads. According to PennDOT spokeswoman Jill Harry, their crew started filling the hole but had to stop because of the rain. She added that repairing it may take several days depending on the weather.

The dimensions of the hole were not determined, though a passerby said it was large enough for a person to fall through, estimating its depth to be several feet.

According to the US Geological Survey, factors such as underground water or erosion below the road base can cause sinkholes. However, Mercer County Planning Commission Executive Director Dan Gracenin said the sinkhole on Route 2007 was most likely caused by an abandoned coal mine. While he admitted that he is not an expert on sinkholes, he said that based on the map of the area, there is a coal mine near the location. He added that it could also be due to a drainage pipe.

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