South Broad Street – Mechanicsburg Sinkhole in Pennsylvania

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On September 26, a sinkhole with a diameter of about 10 feet opened at the corner of the upper tennis courts at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School located at South Broad Street, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Because of the sinkhole, the upper and lower tennis courts were closed immediately to recreational programs and gym classes. According to the district officials, they hired a contractor to fix the hole.

This is the third sinkhole reported in the last three months that have opened within two miles of Mechanicsburg Borough and Upper Allen Township. Also, this is not the first time that a sinkhole formed in the property of the school. A few years ago, a sinkhole opened near the track located behind the school.

Last month, a sinkhole with a depth of 22 feet opened in Cumberland Parkway, and in July, a 20-foot sinkhole formed in South Market Street that was reportedly caused by a water main break.

In order to find out more about nearby sinkholes, check this Cumberland County Sinkhole Map.


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